Compello Staffing Group is a Company that invests in and manages specialist staffing businesses including business and recruitment outsourcing services.

The Company operates a diversified group under a management equity modeled structure where key management holds a meaningful stake in the businesses which they run.

The group covers key growth sectors of the global employment market including Aviation, Infrastructure, Engineering, Energy, Banking, Finance, Business Consulting, E-commerce, Information Technology, Professional Services, and Healthcare.

Our service capabilities include temporary and permanent recruitment, recruitment process outsourcing, workforce management, HR consulting and business service support in key employment markets in the UK and Internationally.

The group companies in-depth knowledge of their client’s markets and operating structures is what distinguishes them from the large generalist recruitment organisations.

The entrepreneurial and collaborative spirit that defines the Compello Staffing Group ensures its clients, which range from start up’s to global organisations and government agencies, are able to achieve greater organisational performance in the highly competitive and mobile employment market.

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Compello Staffing Group will continue to invest and grow new Consultancies in the UK and Internationally across niche markets. If you wish to take control of your future and start your own business with the backing of a successful management team and a strong financial group then you need to consider our Management Equity Model.

So, if you have spades of drive, are hardworking and ambitious then please fill out our CONTACT US form and we’ll get right back to you.